Meet our manufacturing proccess

Bar Cutting

Bars are loaded and cut according to the required length.

Bar Heating

Once bars are cut, they are heated to ease the conformation.


Chains are manufactured in continuous lenghts. First the bars are bended.

Preliminary Inspection

First quality control is done through nondestructive, Visual inspection and dimensional control examination.


It is pressed to keep the shape of the link.


Material excess is trimmed.


The bended bar afterwards is flash butt welded.

Heat Treatment

The heat treatment is done in a continuous furnace.

Proof Load

The entire length of chain is to withstand the proof load according to the manufacturing or rules.

Break Load

Break test specimen are performed according to the international rules.

Mechanical Tests

Samples are performed to tensile and impact tests according to the international rules.

Nondestructive Examination

Nondestructive Examination is performed according to the manufacturing specification.

Final Inspection

A complete Chain Inspection and Testing Report is provided for each length. Storing it at least for 10 years.

Shot Blasting

After proof load is performed a cleanning surface by shot basting to a finish SA 2.5

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