Heading for the future

of mooring chains

Brasilamarras is supported by Vicinay Marine Innovación (VMi), an organization created in March 2010 as the company that undertakes innovative work in the field of materials, design and information technology for the production process

Support the Vicinay group and its clients in investigating topics of interest about offshore mooring lines.
Improve existing products, processes and services, as well as develop new ones.
Work on solving the problems that affect our clients to minimize them.
Investigate new technologies and markets that prove to be at the limit of knowledge.

Among the services that VMi can offer to clients are mainly the following:

Fatigue tests

on live hawsers (1:1 scale)

Material tests

CTODs, tribology tests, fatigue crack growth testing, H2 embrittlement tests, corrosion tests, gigacyclic fatigue tests…


of tethers in use

3D photogrometry
link scanning

validation (offshore)

Integrity Analysis

(Finite Element Analysis FEA, Engineering Critical Assesment ECA, Environmental Assisted Cracking EAC…)

Knowledge and Innovation in the Service of Mooring Solutions

In BrasilAmarras we have an Innovation team through the Group Company Vicinay Marine Innovation.

BRASILAMARRAS Mooring Chains design and manufacture

The strong link between challenge and success