Extending the lifespan of the chains

With more than 40 years in the market, Brasilamarras was a pioneer and is the only manufacturer of moorings in the world to offer a service differentiated to the Offshore market for execution, repair and recovery of used moorings, with assured guarantee to the market, attested by a Classification Society:

100% cleaning of the links through shot blasting.
Visual and dimensional inspection.
Non-destructive tests, including for quality verification (R3, R3S, R4).
Elimination of cracks in compliance with standards.
Retightening of Studs (when necessary) following defined standards.
Installation of enlarged and final links and replacement of rejected links and recomposition of the chain sections in length requested by the client.
After the entire process, the chains go through a test machine with load application required by standards.
Every process can be monitored by a Classification Society that will issue a document certifying the entire process and validating it as applied loads, enabling all the material to be used in anchoring lines.

other services

We also carry out mechanical tests on slings

Traction /

Load tests on equipment with a capacity of 1500t

We have logistical facilities for receiving moorings up to 300t / day by sea or by truck with a capacity of up to 27t.

Our main clients

We also carry out mechanical tests on slings

A great increase offered to clients in terms of Cost x Benefit with the BRASILAMARRAS Warranty

The only manufacturer of moorings in the Americas and the only company in the world to offer this option to the market.

BRASILAMARRAS Mooring Chains design and manufacture

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