Brasilamarras is located at Ilha da Conceição, it is an island in the administrative district of the city of Niteroi in Rio de Janeiro. It lies on the northern zone of the town, in the Guanabara Bay. Brasilamarras has a surface of 16,000 m² (approx.) and it consists of two buildings: On one hand the Mooring Chain factory; and on the other one, the Accessories Forging factory and main offices. Additionally, Brasilamarras has a field reserved for chain storage.


Brasilamarras is focused on developing innovative and sustainable solutions in areas related to mooring chains and chain recovery services, accomplishing the expectations of clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society, with security and high-quality value.



Our actions are based on moral and ethical principles that reinforce and value the correct and honest conduct of the relationship between employees, society, suppliers and clients.


Our commitment to excellence is achieved through the constant search for continuous improvements that respond to the precepts of health, environment, safety and quality.


We value our employees through the production of practical policies that promote a healthy and safe environment that stimulates human potential.


We develop lasting and quality internal and external relationships based on transparency, mutual respect and trust, valuing diversity, without any kind of discrimination.


We recognize the potential and deliveries of our employees, promoting a culture of responsibility and focus on results.


We encourage creativity and innovation to develop products, services and processes that add value and improve our results.


Our decisions seek economic efficiency and are based on a balance between financial, environmental and social aspects.

Sense of belonging

We believe that everyone’s commitment is the engine of our company’s success.


We promote the integration and synergy of people and teams to achieve our strategic objectives.

11,000 tons

per year






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Connecting innovation and performance

BRASILAMARRAS is part of Vicinay Marine Group (VM) and is responsible for the mooring chains design and manufactures.

BRASILAMARRAS Mooring Chains Design and Manufacture

The strong link between challenge and success